Personal Assistant

I can run personal errands and take care of all those small tasks that can get overwhelming. Let me take care of all those tasks you simply don't have time for.

Rates depend on travel time and complexity of the task. Generally I charge $20 per hour but please ask before we get started.


Do you need help from above? Prayers for you or loved ones have a powerful impact. Let me help you in your time of need.

$50 Prayer

$80 Manifestation

$75 Cleansing

$80 Personal Reading

$10 Candle Lighting



Know of anyone who could use just a little assisting? You want someone who you can trust and is caring.

Loneliness Isn't Necessary

There is no reason why your loved ones can't be cared for. I'm here to help you in times of need.


Next Steps...

Give me a call. There is no cost for a consultation. Tell me what you need today.